Sunday, May 19, 2013

Austin James

Austin is so smart. He turned one in April and here I am to brag-- he's been walking since he was 9 months old. He even has his black belt in karate. And speaks Mandarin. 

For real, this kid fits in so well with our family. He and Jack are the purest form of brothers I have ever seen. They'll bug each other and wrestle to the ground, sweaty and rosy-cheeked, and then lay next to each other to watch Spider-Man while sharing a bowl of grapes two minutes later. 

One day I hope Austin will be able to let me use the restroom by myself, but until then I will be content. I'll even let him stand in the dishwasher while I put items away and pull out every nail polish in my bathroom because one day that huge headache will be gone and I know I'll miss it. 

He has the sweetest, toothy grin and lights up when his brother comes into the room and when he hears his daddy at the front door. 

People say that your girls are the ones who will "stay" and bring their children over to be with you, "A son is a son until he gets a wife, a daughter is a daughter for life." So here's to hopefully having amazing daughter in laws! I love these boys of mine too much to let that horrible adage come true. 

6 months will remain a mystery

There's no way I am going to catch you all up on what I've been doing since that day at the zoo. Just imagine bounce houses, walks, fits, and trips and that will bring you up to date. 

This week I had the lovely privilege to watch my nieces and nephews while their parents went to Mexico. Seeing my boys bond so well with their long-distance cousins warms my heart. It means so, so much to me, because my nieces and nephews are so close to my heart. Sometimes I just look at pictures of them when I am in New Orleans and tear up-- there was literally a point in my life that they were appendages to me (not to discount their parents in any way!) and to not be with them felt like I was missing an arm. So I love being with them and to see my kids fit right in is the best feeling a mother/aunt could have.