Friday, March 30, 2012

hurrying up to wait

The title of this post is usually what I say when I see drivers racing from one light to the next. Slow down, buddy, you're just hurrying up to wait with the rest of us. No use driving like you actually have somewhere to be...

But I am actually talking about the current situation at the Rice house: I could go into labor any minute and my husband just left this morning to race the Tough Mudder with some friends in Dallas. I didn't want him to miss his race that he's been training for, and we weren't expecting to possibly have a baby 2 weeks early... so he is literally racing there, doing the actual race, and racing home tomorrow in hopes that he doesn't miss anything. I fear that he's hurrying up to wait. Anyone that's had a baby before knows that the last month is nothing but a bunch of fake-outs.

Passing the time this morning, Jack and I hung out with Daniel and Maggie.

What a ham.

These two used to fight and tease each other to no end. Like running away with the other's blanket or stealing each other's snacks at the park (and pushing, hitting, etc.). But now they're little cohorts that dance in the car together and play fun games like this... looking at each other in the window. So happy to see them getting along.

And here's Daniel who just couldn't miss an opportunity to get his picture taken. He is wearing his "4" shirt today and is so proud of his age. I love him.

Friday, March 23, 2012

it's ihrsa in la!

If you are a die-hard for my blog, you'll remember this post from last year about our trip to IHRSA in San Francisco. I. Love. IHRSA.

Well this year the convention was in LA and RJ and I both couldn't wait to get there. Proof? Look at how excited we were on the plane.

Stache disclaimer: That furry lip RJ's got is his way of preparing for the Tough Mudder in Dallas next week. Maybe it makes him feel more manly... (ew).

Upon arriving in the magical city of Los Angeles, I had to run real quick and get my IHRSA badge, then book it to ELLEN! with Joey, Page and Megan.

Notice my creepy hand and also that there's no wedding ring on it...
It doesn't fit me right now. Sad.

I was so excited that I got a headache and needed to take a breather. I've never been to a live taping and it actually consists of lots of secrecy (Who is the celebrity on the show? When do we get to go in? Why are we sitting in underground parking? Is that really a food truck?) and little Ellen elves running around making sure you're entertained, gunless and won't bring the crazy in to her taping.

I got selected to maybe be a contestant on the show that day. I didn't get chosen (phew) but we did get sweet seats because of it. Megan was shown many a time shakin' her groove thang. (Then again so were Page and Joey... I watched the show on Monday and realized the gap between Joey and this old lady wasn't empty-- it was hobbit ME doing what I do best, being short.)

So the celebrities (because I know that's what you care about) ended up being Ed Helms from The Office--love him-- and Kathy Freston. She is an author with books about being vegan.

We scored a vegan how-to and $100 to JCPenney. Thanks, Ellen.

So although I didn't take a ton of pictures like I did last year (I didn't even take the ones above), IHRSA was awesome. Everything fitness under one roof is like my personal heaven. You bet I went on the Woodway treadmill again. Can't wait til the new club opens and I get to run on one regularly!

One person who really came into his own on this trip...

That's Dave and my man, lovin' antigravity yoga. Nice rear.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

on the countdown with jessica simpson

So today we set up Jack's toddler bed. And then I went out to dinner with my friends, leaving RJ to put him to bed-- the first night in his "big boy" bed...

BIG mistake. HUGE.

I guess he was crying and opening and closing his door shouting that he wanted to watch a show, and totally avoiding his way-cool Buzz Lightyear bed. Poor kid. We need nursery to really wear him out tomorrow so we can try again at nap time. RJ ended up having to set up the crib (that he had just taken down a few hours earlier) so J Baby would finally sleep.

I felt so bad because I learned all of this through texts while I was out with my girlfriends:

L-R: Melanie, Emily, Yours Truly, Virginia, Robyn and Kayla
I seriously love these girls so much. I feel really lucky to have moved here and made such close friends because I know that isn't always the case when you move to a new city.

They're also the bomb because the whole purpose for going out was to celebrate my son's upcoming arrival and they surprised me with gifts (which I wasn't expecting). Plus, I am not the only pregnant one in the bunch! I am due in April, Emily is due in May, and Kayla is due in June.

Going to eat in the French Quarter is always fun and being with my friends made it even better. Whether we're chasing our children around the park or sharing snacks at the bounce house I love that they are a part of my life!

Thanks for dinner, ladies!


Side note: I don't know why but I laughed to myself the second I saw this:

Probably because I'm super immature or maybe because I imagined what that photo would look like if it were me and RJ. Bhahaha.

Brave girl. I would require at least a gift card to Sonic... and a pro-airbrushing clause in my contract... ;)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

national baby of travel

This past weekend we went to the beautiful city of Phoenix to hang with RJ's parents, Ren and Sandi. I tried really hard (no, not really hard) (no, I didn't try) to document the trip in photos so that my lame blog could have a little pizzazz. Turns out the only person I take pictures of is 2 feet tall and hardly ever poses for me, leaving you with that annoying look-at-my-child-he-is-so-cute blog.

Hey, it's better than pictures of me!

We kept it pretty low-key throughout the trip. And I love that. Almost as much as Jack loves feeding birds, then chasing them away before they can finish their treat. The old bait-and-switch.

That balloon right there, gifted to Jack at this diner, actually had an airplane on top of the super-long "control center" (balloon guy's words, not mine). Seriously? Thank you, sir, for giving my child a weapon of mass destruction right as we're getting our food.

And above is Jack at the Olympus basketball state tournament with his gorgeous aunt Page. In Salt Lake City. He can't part from his jetsetting ways-- he had the opportunity to go to SLC for the day with his Nana and you bet he took it. He loved seeing his aunt Jordyn cheer on the Titans.

And this is what I did while he was away for the day:

After a workout at The Village (if you're in Phoenix, go to this gym!) took a picture of my bulging belly. 5 weeks to go. The rest of my day off from being mommy was almost as exciting as taking this picture.

But just as quickly as he left, the little monster returned from his trip-within-a-trip to get in some good quality pool time with his dad. He had a lot to tell us about his adventures traveling. (His Nana deserves an award for traveling alone with him!)

And so the trip continued with shopping, eating at great restaurants and watching the occasional Dora the Explorer episode. We also saw The Lorax. Such a great movie.
Such a nice generational photo of Ren, Jack and RJ.
When we got on the plane to come home, Jack immediately made a little pillow out of "kicken," his green blanket, and closed his eyes to sleep. He slept the entire flight. I don't know how we got so lucky with such a good traveling toddler. But he is Jack the jetsetter, so I guess it's to be expected.

Don't mind the grease marks from his airport Cinnabon...