Sunday, July 24, 2011

real housewife in oc

So completely sad that our two weeks at the beach are over. From one coast to the next. But our stay with my family in Capistrano was perfect. You can't go wrong in California (right, Chels?!).
Here I am with my sister Whitney and her darling kids and husband Ben at Fashion Island. An island I'd be happy to be stranded on.
Jack and Will entertained themselves by throwing all of my money in the fountain. I honestly have one nickel left. But, hey, if it works, you do it.
That night also happened to be Michael Jackson night. Everyone, even down to Jack and James, participated.

If it's one thing J loves, it's gettin his groove on. Can you tell they're dancing to "Thriller" below? They are amazing. They really practiced hard for MJ night.
I think you can imagine how fun a beach house is with 12 kids under 11 and their awesome parents. We had MJ night, a Harry Potter marathon, sand crab catching, sleeping to the sound of the ocean (like it's going to crash through the house), RJ and I's secret trips to In-N-Out... yes. It was great.
Above is Jack's cuute cousin James. We couldn't decide if they were going to be friends or not, and I was even more confused after Jack embraced him in a hug and then turned to push him down. Poor James. We are trying! 

Jack and his cousin Jake (it is starting to look like we are all J-names. We're not. I promise.).
Who wears short shorts (and tanks)?

Above is my BFF Will at the beach. We were spoiled, being right on the beach, so I don't think I spent as much time on it as I should have. 

We also went to Balboa Island with my sister Whitney and her kids. Such a fun place to visit.
Jack was singing and talking the whole time on his ferris wheel ride with his dad.

 Joey, every time we think of candy, naturally you come to mind. So we had RJ pose here for you.

Jack also loved riding the carousel. He hugged that horse so hard I thought he was never going to let go.

One day we went to Wild Rivers, RJ's own personal version of hell. It was hilarious to watch him and I'm very proud of him for going to the water park. Sometimes we all need to do things that are a little out of our comfort zone.
I, once again, failed to take adequate pictures to show the trip. Whatever. I think you get the jist that it was a good time!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

destin 2011

Last week was the annual trip to Destin with the Rices, Kirks and Childresses. (But we were missing our little Britians Joey and Page... so sad.) It was an amazing time. From lulling Jack at restaurants with DJ Lance (it is the only solution)...
 to HP7 at midnight, it is safe to say it was another successful trip.

As you can see from this picture, I am not so much a night owl. These wonderful cuties got me there, and I only slept for the last 10 minutes. (Fail.) From left to right: Whitney, Lindsey, Bayley, Ryan, Courtney, Ashley, Mya, Jordyn and me. Jack celebrated when he woke up.

My favorite thing about the Gulf coast is the white sand! So soft and beautiful, blue waters.
The humidity fogged up my camera lens in the above pic. And also my hair.

Here is the Rice fam (RJ had to leave early for Youth Conference) after eating at the Crab Trap. (Me, Whitney, Sandi, Jack, Jordyn and Ren.) I love them!

Below are all the ladies:

And here are the men of the trip (minus RJ):

Poor guys. So outnumbered.

We had so much fun on this trip and as always, can't wait til next year! And tomorrow is my family's bi-annual beach trip (That means every other year, not twice a year. I hate when that gets misused.) to Capistrano. (So maybe this week I will take better pictures.)

Monday, July 4, 2011

cami + mike = love

Last weekend I flew to SLC for one day-- my sister's wedding! It was perfect from seeing all my sisters again (if Birmingham had sisters I'd be 100% fine) to playing with my nieces and nephews and spending time at the farm in Heber.
I am so happy for Cami, Mike, and the 4 cute little monsters that make up the new Hansen-Nelson fam.
Little known fact: Mike is one legit dancer. He spun his own grandmother so hard she hit the floor. No joke. (She is okay.)
Here is my brother Troy dancing to "Sweet Caroline" with his little Caroline. One of the best songs of the night.

The candy was so good my mouth hurt from eating it. Below are two of my nephews, Will and Sam, holding up their loot. They look like they're those old rednecks on Swamp People holding up their lanterns. They, too, loved their candy.
These kids are hilarious.

They thought this was the coolest picture. They really wanted it to seem like they were eating cake.
I love my sisters so much. Life is better with sisters! Whitney, Cami, Missy and Micaela: You are the best girls in my life and I miss you wonderful women every day!

Mom and Bruce, I love you both, too. Don't worry.
Cam and Mike left The Point through a stream of sparklers.
I am so happy for them.