Friday, March 25, 2011

strongman/dinner at the fish market

Lately Jack has been really working on his reps. This is what he's aspiring to:
Only right now he's just using thick books (you know, the giant how-to-have-a-one-year-old books and baby name books... books smart people read).

So I wasn't surprised when I caught him in the middle of a workout this morning...

I can't catch this kid still. These pictures are a testament to how hard he works. He never stops.


In the wake of his war path, looking for a new challenge. We are so proud.


Tonight the hubs and I went to The Fish Market for dinner. It was delish. And yes I am blogging about it. We don't get out much.
(He loves pictures.)
RJ got the crusted tilapia and gumbo. You can never go wrong with a little gumbo.
But the real Southern treat is fried pickles! I think they're definitely on the list of good, pre-run superfoods. Definitely.
I loved my baby lobster tails and hush puppies. Except that they didn't bring out a side of melted butter. I am not embarrassed to say that I went right back inside to get some. (Does anyone else like their butter with a side of lobster?)

You can put this on your list of B'ham restaurants to check out. (I know you have a long list of things you want to do in Alabama.)

Monday, March 21, 2011

biggest losers in san fran

We just got home from a fabo trip to San Francisco.

Our hotel was in the best location. (Nordstrom's is just to the right!) And we had a beautiful view. This view... outside the bathroom. Seriously.
SF is my favorite city. Ever. It's also where RJ and I honeymooned before we could have a real honeymoon (since 3 days after we got married he had to get back for two-a-days). I never get tired of Ghirardelli's, Boudin's, the wharf, the trolley, Union Square, etc, etc!   

The weather was no bueno. Rain, rain and more rain. But that didn't stop us. Good thing, too, or else we never would have come across this cutie pie:

Now that is a cat lady. She was waiting for the trolley, and told me she didn't want her kitty getting wet in the rain.

So the real reason we went to San Fran was the IHRSA Conference. Just take everything that could possibly be in the fitness industry, put it under one roof and bam. IHRSA.
This is an exercise horse. I can not even tell you how much fun this was.

RJ and Tracy had fun throwing sand bags.
Zumba had a sweet booth/stage set up.
They were selling all their crazy, colorful clothes, teaching Zumba classes and even had a live band. Those Zumba people know how to party.

This Woodway Treadmill was my favorite machine there. It requires two AA batteries and your legs. That's it. It's amazing. (I got this pic from their Web site.)

Freemotion also had a ton of cardio machines and had these treadmills on the floor with this display:
I was running in Maui. (I don't normally like machines with TVs on them... they make me sick. But this might be fun to glance at once in a while and pretend I'm not next to another stinky treadmiller at the gym.)

The best part at IHRSA was meeting my hero.

PATRICK from last season's Biggest Loser! I was pulling for him all season. When he won the car after the stairs challenge I cried, and RJ and I shouted for joy when he made the final four. Then he won the entire thing and we went ballistic. Needless to say I was star struck, but also oddly felt like I knew him. I was so surprised that he had no clue who I was.
I also got to meet Marci, who just got kicked off BL last week (which was in reality 7 weeks ago) and girl looks good. She was just there with a friend looking around at all the equipment (Patrick was there bc he is sponsored by Cybex).
(Ignore the mist-on tan I got for free like 2 secs earlier. Please. Ignore it.)
And finally I met Kim, the long lost trainer on The Biggest Loser. She was there because she now works with some company and knows the people my husband and I were talking to. She is so tiny and cute. I wasn't her fan when she was on TV but then I met her and felt bad for not liking her. I think I just wanted her to be Jillian. How unfair of me.

IHRSA isn't really a celebrity sighting place (unless you're me and the only TV you watch is BL). But I did get some sweet swag.
I think we got $20 worth in Gu for free. Yes, please!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Throw it to me... nice and easy."

Tonight I accidentally hit RJ in the head with one of Jack's toys. (And it hurt.) I can honestly say I was aiming at a spot about 5 feet past him.

Later, he asked me to throw him a Snickers from the candy jar (while watching the Biggest Loser, mind you). This time I was aiming at his head... and it bounced off the bottom of the couch and into Jack's toy basket.

Hope Jack inherited my coordination. Also-- I should stop throwing things.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

alabama in march

Today could have been a terrible run. But the weather was so nice and the views were so great, I totally forgot about my dying legs and the burning heat (which really wasn't that bad).
Check out that horse. There is a pasture in my neighborhood and tons of horses running around. Last weekend my husband saw the dogs herding sheep. I don't know why but I think that is so cute. Like "Babe."
This was right about the time I stopped cursing everything out and just enjoyed the run. So beautiful. And SHADY!
Are you kidding me? I don't know what this tree is called, but it is awesome. Just random, giant flowers blooming on the branches. I love everything that grows down here! (Esp my hydrangeas!)

I know my feet aren't that big but that is one huge Magnolia leaf.

Even with my stops at great photo-ops I still managed to stay in my goal time and throw down the miles.Yesss. (RJ was home with Jack and he went running after me.)

In other, equally important news:

If you're missing any shoes they might be in the middle of our bar stools.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Okay I'm a turd, but nevermind about that previous post. I am keeping your emails, though, because I really might go private soon. But I am done with that blog. 1- Lame. 2- Who wants to keep up with two blogs. 3- I really just wanted to be able to write about marathon training and realized I can do that here. 4- Sorry I cried wolf.

But guess what! We're getting ready for...

The best city in the woooorld! San Fransisco! We are leaving next week which translates into pictures so that this blog can redeem itself from boringness.

Wish us luck on our long run tomorrow.


This family blog is going PRIVATE. So here's the deal-- send me your email address and you can still stalk my little fam.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

1st haircut

Because my camera is being awesome and I can't upload the pictures from the actual haircut session, here is a recent picture of Jack Jack... with out the extra long, duck down and scraggle pieces. (Look how excited he is to be at Five Guys.)At least he no longer has Nick Nolte hair. Speaking of fabulous hair... take a look at this nice mullet we spotted at Pump It Up:Complete with Alabama jersey. You don't see this every day, friends. (Well, you don't. I unfortunately do.)

Why, yes, I did pretend to be texting while taking this photo.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Love this:

I love the fact that I can plant HYDRANGEA here! Yesterday I planted some blue and pink hydrangea outside. I am like a proud mom. I look out the windows just to check on them.Weird? No.And... drum roll please... RJ and I just decided on a marathon!The Nashville Country Music Marathon! April 30th, baby. (BTW, is anyone running the Salt Lake? I'm doing the half and if anyone is going to be there it would be awesome to see you!) Send your marathon secrets my way; this is a first.