Thursday, February 24, 2011

McWane Science Center

Jack's buddy Miles turns the big ONE next week, so Alison got us together for a little pre-party trip to the McWane Science Center.Here's the crew: Lyla, Jack, Miles and McKenza.Loving the inside of this fish mouth. J wasn't quite sure about his new sea creature friends, but he got used to them and made a friend with this blind one:That white spot on the fish is its bad eye.
I swear, my child is beyond cheesy. What can I say, I am the same way.Next the babies got to be paleontologists. And of course all this kid wanted to do was eat the rocks. Which he did. And then threw up. It was great.I can't even tell you how many finger sweeps it took to get those rubbery, faux-rocks out of Jack's mouth. I also found one in his diaper. The kids were amazed at the Sting Rays and little Sharks. Then after that we had a little Red Mango and called it a day.

Happy birthday sweet Miles!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not a pet.

There is a wild hog running around my neighborhood.(Doesn't this look funny, though? Just chillin, out for a stroll...)I know most of you think this guy belongs to a bubba, because that's probably your idea of what Alabama is like. Not the case. And how gross is this, according to the Today Show (I saw a report on this last month!), wild hogs are literally invading from the South to the North and there are more than 2 million of them. Probably more by now; they procreate like crazy. And it's not one baby at a time, it's a whole litter. And they grow huge at a rapid rate. And they're furry and have creepy looking hands/paws. And they dig their snouts in your grass. And who sleeps well at night knowing the pigs are invading? I will not sacrifice my yard for you!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jack Walks!

About a week ago, my little man got brave and took a few steps on his own. After a few days of practicing he is now a free roamer. And he goes straight to the laundry room. Some kids like toys, others like the smell of Downy. It's fine. (This laundry-room-love goes way back for Jack. He just may own his own laundromat one day.)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So this is what I do.

I take Jack to a music class. At first it was a little out of my comfort zone, but this kid eats. it. up. I wish I got a picture of the parachute. All the little babies go crazy when we lift the parachute up. They crawl underneath and laugh hysterically. We also play with bells, dance, sing, beat on drums, you know, all the good stuff. Sometimes I look around the room at all of the parents/nannies and think, "So this is what I do." But these kids love it. Sidenote: The Pink House (where Jack's class is) is nominated by Parent's Choice for best children's music class in Birmingham. Only the best for our little Jack.
And here is Jack and his buddy Miles. We love playdates at Mandy's! Here's her sweet little Lyla:
She is beyond adorable! A prearranged marriage is in motion. I just hope Jack likes older ladies.Oh MILES!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh Martha! Oh Christmas!

No need to remind everyone what a terrible blogger I am. So since it was forever ago, 2 months actually, I'll post just a few Christmas/New Years pics and then maybe (emphasis on the maybe) some recent ones... because new pictures are always better than old ones.

For our Christmas trip home this year, RJ, Joey, Page, Ren and I drove to Las Vegas as soon as we landed in Salt Lake for the Las Vegas Bowl! We all know what happened... but hey it was a fun trip. This is Joey and Page at Caesar's Palace while we were waiting to be seated at Cheesecake. They also just got engaged! YES! I thought I would never get another sister-in-law! Just kidding, Joey. We are so excited and can't wait. Page is the bomb. And aren't they a look-alike couple? Beautiful. Random story: UNLV's stadium parking is terrible. So, leaving, we probably sat in the parking lot watching "The Office" on RJ's iPad for an hour before Joey spotted a secret getaway opening in a fence. Apparently all the cars spotted this exit at the same time and we all b-lined it to freedom. As we were driving away, RJ's dad rolled down his window and yelled in frustration at a traffic guide: "This is the worst parking system I have ever seen!" We laughed, but thanks to Ren's passion (and letter to the Las Vegas Sun's editor) the stadium is now working to fix their terrible parking. Way to go, Ren! Christmas Eve at Nana's. A tradition I hope will never end.Dear, sweet Jordyn. You take these pictures-- just know I will put them up!Jordyn, Whitney and me. I love my sisters-in-law! Can't wait for you to join us, Pagey.Jack's first Christmas was a smashing success.Alright, so he had no clue what was going on. But isn't that okay? Christmas isn't about presents anyway... right? I mean, no decent person really cares what's in their stocking... Well. Okay Jack cares. If there's a tag of any sort, he's happy. My child eats paper. Totally fine with it.Here's my stud husband with Jack and his cousin James. I so wish we lived in Salt Lake, because these two would be besties. Ah, I love baby James!
Sadly, I don't have any more pics of my side of the family. I look like a jerk. Sorry guys! But I don't think you even know my blog exists so I think I'm safe!
On another note, Jack is trying to walk. Last week he started taking steps on his own. He's not fully independent but getting there! When I told his doctor, she said in her sweet Southern accent, "Ooh baby he's cruisin'!" Go Jack. You're cruisin'!

I guess I'll add New Year's pics. For some reason I never get excited about this holiday. Probably because I'd rather be in bed and I find the countdown anticlimatic. But let's add some pictures to document that I really did celebrate. And so did Jack. He woke up at 11:50 p.m. He knew it was almost time, and Jack really can't miss a good party. He's making up for his party pooper mom.Oh the Bennetts! I love these guys.
RJ and his dad playing a serious game.Even when he's being a Grumpy Gus I want to squeeze him.
And this cute couple is almost married, too! Love you Chels and Adam! (No, that is not their child. But she would be that mom who is always put together and gorgeous. How do they do it!?!)

No Salt Lake trip is complete without Ben and Wil.We see these guys a lot when we come in town, and it makes me sad when we leave. Megan, you are an AMAZING mother with these boys! You're that put together mom I am talking about. I kind of love/hate you for it. I'll just keep trying to beat you to the elusive clutch! ;)