Saturday, September 11, 2010

Teenage Dream(with me)

Chattanooga, Pensacola, Salt Lake City

RJ took me on a surprise vacay to Chattanooga, Tennessee for our anniversary. But our iMac decided to die and take everything with it. You don't get any pictures. It was amazing, we saw Ruby Falls (RJ said when he discovers a waterfall inside a cave that he, too, will name it after his wife) and ate fried oreos at the farmer's market. And guess what there did was fer sale? Bar-b-qued possum! Mmm, Mm!

A few weeks later we took the whole fam, meaning we brought Jack along, to Pensacola Beach since RJ had a club opening. Stud.
And at the end of August, Jack and I took a trip out West to the SLC. The pictures in skymall really wore him out, so Jack took a nap. So great at planes-- crossing my fingers that will never change!Here we are ringing in the football season at Rice-Eccles Stadium. No better season than Fall! Just ask my husband who won't stop singing "Utah Man Am I" and bought our 5-month-old a red AND a white Utah outfit ("He needs an outfit for home games and away games, Mads!").
Jack wasn't being too friendly to his cousin Ben. Hey, it was loud, and he was tired. Poor Ben had to deal with someone who is clearly not on his level.
And you know we weren't going to miss seeing the Titans play! They had a great win against Copper Hills and Scotty P made us so proud. Jack got to hang out with his grandma Sandi and Marilyn, and I got to see so many of my long lost friends! And here is a shout out to Lacee! This is all for you, my one and only blog reader. Bless you.The next morning, we went with Ty, Meg and the twins Ben and Wil on a hike up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

We had a great hike. No really, putting a 20-lb baby on your back and hiking up unstable rocks and slippery dirt is sooo great. We were laughing the whole time and smiling saying how much fun it was. Okay I'm just kidding, it really was a great morning-- so beautiful-- and I like hiking. It's one of those things where you think "I should really go hiking more often," when you're there, but for some reason it always seems like more effort than it really is, so you never take the chance to go. I'm not sure the hiking in the Alabama Smokies is comparable to Utah's Rocky Mountains. Too bad I didn't hike more when I was living in Utah. RJ really couldn't help himself. This was taken as he said to Jack, "Everything the light touches is your kingdom..." Really, Jack? You're tired? Hard hike?

Jack earned the nickname "Jumping Jack" by his great aunts, so we decided he should try a Johnny Jumpup. Here he is with Max The Dog. He didn't understand that he could jump his little heart out with no adult to stop because of tired arms! He sat in it, let it sway, looked at his hands... and smiled. At least he liked it, even if he didn't jump.

RJ's mom threw his dad, Ren, a suprise 50th birthday party which was amazing (Cafe Rio! Heck yes!) and his little sister Jordyn also turned 16 and she had a surprise party also, two days later. I don't know why I don't have any pictures but you still get your birthday wishes from the blog! Happy birthday Ren and Jordyn!

We miss y'all out in Utaw!