Thursday, July 22, 2010


Living in birmingham puts us super close to tons of awesome places. Like the beach. It's a barely-four-hour drive from our house, so you bet we loved every minute of it! Baby Jack all ready for his dinner date at the Crab Trap.
RJ's cousin Bayley and I made grilled artichokes to go with our dinner the first night. Love artichokes!
This is Jack's very first pool experience. I think he liked it... no matter what we do, that grumpy face remains! He's a bit of a skeptic.
Jack loves his aunts Jordyn and Whitney.
If you're ever in Destin, go to the Donut Hole and get a brownie. I know my way around a brownie and theirs is best. Tops anything your mom ever made.

We love corny pictures.

This is our friend Courtney and my brother-in-law Joey and I parasailing. So fun!

bedtime rocks