Monday, November 23, 2009

You Know You're In Alabama When...

-There are tons of cars pulled over on the side of the freeway (no safety & emissions are required here).
-You don't get a receipt, you get a note.
-Someone at the grocery store asks if you need help with your "buggy." What? Oh, the shopping cart.
-No one mows their lawn, they "cut their grass."
-You do NOT leave the house on a Friday night between 6 and 8. The high school football traffic won't let you get anywhere, anyway.
-You get laughed at when you say "you guys." ("We say 'y'all' over here! Yankee!") And yes that happened!
-You occasionally see a confederate flag posted on the side of a car.
-Anywhere you go has Sweet Tea, gotta love that southern hospitality.

And this is a possum. They are NOT CUTE! They are wild animals that hiss at you and the other night, one recklessly ran into my car. After I heard the thump, I stopped to see what I had hit. I honestly was traumatized and felt like a murderer, but when my friends found out I had (not intentionally!) killed a possum, I was met with praise and thanks.

Gotta love the South! I know we do :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's a...

BOY! Yep, my intuition was right. We are having a boy!

Here he is facing the camera...

The nurse called him a "proud boy!" when he sprawled out as if to say "Here I Am!"--and there was no guess what gender he was. (I left those pictures out to save him from future embarrassment.) But here is his little face in 4-D. He's giving us the "L" for love. Haha.

Now we have to get busy painting... the entire upstairs is bright pink and purple. Not so hot for a little man. And names! What! If you have any ideas please post them... this is quite the ordeal. Oh, and how about this:

"Your baby is between five and six inches long and weighs about seven ounces—about the size of an apple. Pictures of babies at this age show them touching the membrane of the amniotic sac, touching their own faces, reaching for the umbilical cord, pedaling their legs, and sucking their thumbs. Your baby may already have a preference for the left or right hand. In the brain, areas of the nerve cells that serve the senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing are becoming specialized and are forming more complex connections."

How crazy is that?! Childbearing is such a miracle. I can't believe I am part of this process.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not Yet

When I asked the nurse if I could please find out the gender, I got a firm and quick "no!" because I wasn't scheduled for an ultrasound... well, I made an appointment for next week and we'll find out next Thursday! I am thinking it's a boy... but my guess is as good as anyone else's!

Congrats Lindsey and Chris on your new baby boy Luke!